Ozimals prison

An example "town"

These are where you buy recruits/equipment with

scrap. They're are many towns in the game.


Weapons:Stone/Metal Shiv.

Recruit: Berzerkers


Weapons: Green/Wood Bow.

Recruit: Rangers


Weapons: Metal Shiv/Rusty Sword/ Iron Sword

Green Bow/Wood Bow/ Hunter Bow

Recruit: Berzerkers/Rangers

The Monastery

Weapons: All of the above including: Walking Stick, Shepards Crook and Oaken Staff.

Recruit: Berzerkers,Ranger,Healers

The Hospital

Weapons: Rusty Sword, Iron Sword, Soldier's Sword

Wood Bow, Hunter Bow, Antler Bow

Walking Stick, Shepards Crook, Oaken Staff

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