Defender's Quest Wiki

Azra stomps on a Revenant corpse

In the pit, corpses rise again several days after death. These monsters are known as “Revenant” meaning “Those Who Return”. The Revenant are the main enemy in Defender's Quest.

Revenant can only be controlled or killed by those who have power over the "halfway world" that is the prison of Eztli-Tenoch.

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Other enemies not included here (not exactly Revenants, except maybe Ozimal)

  • Axxima Muttanaxxor Axxima Muttanaxxor (boss) (Mythically Delicious Mammal/Super Sheep)
  • Eztli's Eye (Monstrous Eye)
  • Eztli's Hand (boss) (Monstrous Hand)
  • Eztli-Tenoch Eztli-Tenoch (boss) (Ancient Legendary Wizard)
  • Index Finger (Monstrous Finger)
  • Middle Finger (Monstrous Finger)
  • Ozimal Kaz Ozimal Kaz (boss) (Revenant Slave)
  • Pinky Finger (Monstrous Finger)
  • Ring Finger (Monstrous Finger)
  • Sheep (Delicious Mammal, Swift Delicious Mammal)
  • Thumb (Monstrous Thumb)
  • Zelemir Zelemir (boss) (Necromantic Sorceror)

Types of Revenant[]

The Revenants are sorted by Name. Some revenants with the same name (eg. Blood-Mad Revenant) can have several types, each of them resulting in different stats and artwork.

  • Abomination (Splitting Spawn Host)
  • Shell Beast (Armored Spawn Host, Armored Monstrosity)
  • Armored River Worm (Swift Armored Swimming Spawn)
  • Shell worm Armored Worm (Swift Armored Spawn)
  • Cultist Blood-Mad Revenant (Transmogrified Cultist, Cultist Priest, Cultist High Priest)
  • Fallen knight Fallen Knight (Armored Revenant)
  • Fetid Corpse (Swimming Spawn Host)
  • Mad Ghoul Mad Ghoul (Fighting Revenant, Dark Fighting Revenant)
  • Mad Knight (Fighting Armored Revenant)
  • Monstrosity (Spawn Host)
  • River Ghoul River Ghoul (Fighting Swimming Revenant)
  • River Snake Ghoul (Swimming Projectile Revenant)
  • River Worm (Swift Swimming Spawn)
  • Shadow Worm (Swift Dark Spawn)
  • Snake Ghoul Snake Ghoul (Projectile Revenant)
  • Water Fiend Water Fiend (Swimming Revenant)
  • Worm Worm (Swift Revenant Spawn)