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The Monastery
The Monastery.jpg
Name The Monastery
Town I
Equipment Sold
Previous Town Laksos
Next Town Hospital
Previous Battle The Monastery Ascension
Next Battle Traveling to the Hospital
"A Selini Chapter House, a monastery of the Ash kingdom's primary religion."

The Monastery is the first "town" in Act III and fifth overall. Although not technically a town, it has the same functionalities.

In this place you can recruit Healers and buy equipment for all your classes.


Bakal explains to Azra that corpses are merely vessels for the spirit that inhabits them, and when Azra goes to the Half-Way World, she goes to the world of spirit, where she can strike monsters at their essence, instead of just the physical host.

The spirit that commands Revenants is the one of Zelemir, who fills the bodies of the dead with his own will.

Bakal suggests the party to leave the Monastery and go somewhere safer, so he can continue explaining the past events.


The Monastery has the same equipment of Laksos for Rangers and Berserkers. However, it also sells Staffs for Healers.

Healers also use Light Armors, so buy a few for them if your healers die often.


Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Metal shiv.png Metal shiv +5 160 80
Rusty sword.png Rusty sword +10 500 250
Iron sword.png Iron sword +16 1250 625


Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Green bow.png Green bow +2 75 37
Wood bow.png Wood bow +4 250 125
Hunters bow.png Hunter's bow +8 800 400


Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Walking stick.png Walking stick +1 60 30
Shepherds crook.png Shepherd's crook +3 220 110
Oaken staff.png Oaken staff +6 650 325

Light Armors[]

Name Defense Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Sackcloth.png Sackcloth +1 50 25
Hide.png Hide +3 200 100
Heavy wool tunic.png Heavy Wool Tunic +5 500 250


Besides Berserkers and Rangers, you can also recruit Healers here. They are essential to keep your defenders alive, and they can also reveal Dark enemies (they show up in later battles, and are hard to hit when not revealed).

Being a very cheap defender PSI-wise, Healers are useful, although you probably won't need many of them until later in the game.