Name Shanty
Act I
Town II
Equipment Sold Swords
Recruitment Berserkers
Previous Town Ozimal's Prison
Next Town Karsk
Previous Battle Return to the Coliseum
Next Battle River Escape
"A dilapidated shanty town - looks like the escaped prisoners took refuge here."

Shanty shows up in the map after the events of Return to the Coliseum. All prisoners in Ozimal's Prison escape, fleeing to Shanty. Actually, this town has the same equipments and mercenaries the prison had, and so it just acts as a replacement since the prison is not accessible anymore.


After the Return to the Coliseum battle, the unknown old man blows up the prison's wall, making a hole on it and allowing Azra's party to escape.

All of the other prisoners escape as well and go to Shanty. Because of that, this town has the same equipments and mercenaries found in the prison.


Similarly to Ozimal's Prison, the only equipments available here are Swords, for berserkers:

Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Stone shiv Stone shiv +3 50 25
Metal shiv Metal shiv +5 160 80


Here you can recruit Berserkers, if you didn't do it in the Prison or if you feel like getting more Berserkers.

Also, remind that every defender hired makes the prices for future recruitments higher, no matter what class is recruited.