Self-imposed challengesEdit

Most people who start playing the game will end up with a large party of well-equipped defeners and all gold stars. While that's fun, there's much more fun to be had. Here's a list of ideas (might be turned into articles for discussion and some sort of leaderboard or whatnot.

  • No grinding. That means, try to beat the game (and NG+) by playing every map exactly once on Normal difficulty. It's recommended that you always aim for Perfect win, though.
  • No recruiting. That means that you beat the game ONLY with the characters that join you over the course of the story. That will undoubtedly mean quite a lot of grinding, as in NG+ things become seriously tough - but it is a completely different gameplay experience...
  • No shopping, you only get the gear you gather as rewards and what the characters come with.
  • A softer versions of no recruiting (roll your own limits, 2 chars per class is a good one)
  • No books
  • No unique upgrades
  • No recalls (can be enforced by editing your save to give yourself Book of Daring)
  • No spells (can be enforced by editing your save to give yourself Book of Silence, of course the spell-tutorial-level gets an exception)

Of course any choices can be combined. No shopping and no recruiting go well together (simply pretend that scrap doesn't exist)