Rapid shot

Rapid Shot is the third attack skill available for Rangers. It fires 4 arrows in a row with little interval from one arrow to the next, for a massive total damage.

Each hit of this skill is already stronger than a hit of Basic Shot or Triple Shot -- the fact that it hits 4 times makes this skill the ranger's highest damage dealer for a single target, making it a very effective skill against bosses and high-HP foes.

In case the enemy dies during the attacks, the Ranger changes to another target and keeps firing the arrows until all 4 shots are done.

Requirements Edit

  • Character Level 5
  • At least 1 Point in Triple Shot
  • Boost Level 3 activated

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Active/Offensive
Boost Level: 3
Attacks: 4 (Hits a single target 4 times)

Cooldown (CD)Edit

Base CD (0 SPD): 8 sec
CD at Character Lv. 5 (11 SPD): 3.8 sec
CD at Character Lv. 40 (19.75 SPD): 2.7 sec

Variable StatsEdit

Damage dealt by Rapid Shot is a percentage of the character's current Attack.

Skill Lv. Damage per hit (% of Attack)
1 100%
2 110%
3 120%
4 130%
5 140%
6 150%
7 160%
8 170%
9 180%