The Ranger is the main ranged damage class, obtained early in game just after Berserkers. You meet the Ranger in the Coliseum shortly after being arrested. The hero for this class is Ketta.


This class has the longest range of all the classes. However, she also has a significant deadzone where she cannot attack if the enemy is too close. So you either have to place her outside reach of attacking foes or behind melee and other classes. This can be difficult in some maps, as the best location for them is the very centre of the map and a number of maps, particularly late game, do not always give this choice of position. To make up for their lack of a melee weapon they wear Light Armour allowing a little berth of placement, though they should still avoid front line placement. Either way, Rangers are a supporting role class through and through and often an essential one.

Their strongest aspect is their incredible range. Depending on how the player levels a Ranger, they can end up covering most of the map. This allows them to cover several lanes at once and multiple Rangers can send dozens of projectiles across the map at ones.

As a result of their large range, their attack is lower then most other classes and after the Healer they are the second least effective fighter. Their lack of strength is particularly noticeable late game where it can take a larger number of shots to down a foe that a unit like the Knight or Dragon can often down in 1 strike (boss enemies noted aside).

Their attacks can be boasted with the Bleed ability, which although is lower then the Berserker Class bleed, is excused by the sheer chances to cause Bleeding compared to the Berserker. They can also be leveled with Armour piercing and have Poison. Given that these 3 attributes are applied to all attacks and the fact after boasting they are almost constantly tossing out attacks once foes enter their range,the Ranger can inflect a number of negative attributes to a wide range of foes, hounding them relentlessly down lanes as they approach Azra until the melee units can finish them off.

They are available for recruiting at Karsk, Laksos, The Monastery, The Hospital, Guard's Hideout and Ghost Town.

Equipment Edit

Weapon: Bow
Armor: Light Armor

Stats Edit

Formulae for Ranger's stats:

Hit Points: (Level + 1) x 16
Attack: Level + 1 x 1
Range: 2.5 to 4
Speed: 10 + (Level - 1) x 0.25
Defense: 0
Evade: 6%
Regen: (Level + 1) x 0.4

Skills Edit

Ranger skill tree

Ranger Skill Tree

Boost Lv. Skill Description Requirements
1 Basic Shot Hits a single foe once for minor damage. Character Lv. 1
2 Triple Shot Fires 3 arrows out at the same time, hitting up to 3 foes for moderate damage. Character Lv. 2

1 Point in Basic Shot

3 Rapid Shot Fires 4 arrows quickly in a row for a high damage per hit. Character Lv. 5

1 Point in Triple Shot

4 Spread Shot Fires 5 spread arrows at once, hitting up to 5 targets for very high damage each. Character Lv. 15

1 Point in Rapid Shot

5 Black Out the Sun Hits up to 10 random foes for high damage each. Character Lv. 20

1 Point in Spread Shot

Passive Traits
Skill Description Requirements
Sharp Shooter Adds a chance for all attacks to be Critical Hits, dealing extra damage. Character Lv. 2

1 Point in Basic Shot

Deep Shot Adds a chance for all attacks to inflict Bleed (foe temporarily takes more damage from future hits). Character Lv. 5

1 Point in Sharp Shooter

Range Focus Increases maximum range for all attacks. Character Lv. 10

1 Point in Sharp Shooter

Poison Shot Adds a chance for all attacks to inflict Poison (foe takes damage over a short time). Character Lv. 10

1 Point in Deep Shot

Piercing Shot Adds a chance for all attacks to have Armor Pierce (attack ignores several points of armor). Character Lv. 15

1 Point in Range Focus

Boost Effects Edit

Boost Lv. PSI Cost Attack Bonus Speed Bonus Max Range Bonus
1 (Summon) 50 +0% +0% +0%
2 75 +30% +15% +10%
3 125 +60% +30% +20%
4 250 +100% +45% +30%
5 350 +150% +60% +40%
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