Piercing Shot is the fifth and last passive skill for Rangers. It gives every attack a chance to also have Armor Pierce, ignoring several points of armor.

Unlike the Knight's skill Armor Break, a shot affected by Piercing Shot does not break enemy's armor, it just ignores some armor for that attack.

Requirements Edit

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Passive/Offensive

Variable StatsEdit

When Piercing Shot procs, it makes a percentage of the total damage ignore enemy's armor. The in-game text says "Attack ignores 1 point of armor for every X points of DMG in attack".

That means, if the attack has an Armor Pierce of 20%, then the in-game message would say "Attack ignores 1 point of armor for every 5 points of DMG in attack".

Skill Lv. Armor Pierce Amount

(% of DMG ignoring armor)

Proc Chance
1 15% 20%
2 17% 22%
3 19% 24%
4 20% 25%
5 21% 27%
6 22% 29%
7 23% 31%
8 24% 32%
9 25% 33%