Ozimal Kaz is the first antagonist of Defender's Quest.

While he seems at first to be simply a greedy despot leading a band of scavengers, Ozimal is soon shown to be working for the nefarious Man in Red. As such he is the second in command over the revenant forces in the early game. After disobeying the Man in Red he is turned into a Revenant and becomes the game's first boss. The Man in Red manages to do this by secretly poisoning Ozimal with a special poison over the course of several days and transforming him with a powerful spell.


Azra learns from Ozimal's accent that he hails from the Ash capital, stating "this monster grew up in the shadow of the Temple itself!". This deeply shocks Azra as she would have expected such vile behaviour from a Quaid, but not from her fellow Ashani.

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