Kni bow


They can be considered an upgrade on the Berserker class and use swords in addition, much like the Berserkers. They work best along side the class, with the Knights whacking enemies hard and breaking their armour and the Berserkers cleaning up afterwards, picking off the weaklings or foes that were too fast for the Knights to knock down in time.

Knights have three strengths;

  1. They can have lots of armor
  2. They can deal high damage to single targets
  3. They are effective against enemies with high armor due to their "armour break" and "Armour piercing" upgrades

Their armour lets them be on the front line, in addition their skill "counter" lets them fight back if hits are made towards them. They are more limited by range, and are only really able to fight the enemies most adjacent to them, unlike the berserker who has a slightly bigger reach. They also overall cost slightly more than the berserker class, though they are similarly priced. This results in a little more care having to be made about where to place them as they have the smallest range of any unit in the game.

They are also slow compared to the Berserker class overall. Their skills regenerate a little slower overall. This means when they attack they are more "committed" to each attack and are often best set to attack stronger units or against bosses. Their skills can also be given "Stun" and "Push back", allowing them a second chance to attack their foes if their first attempt fails. They are also able to effectively take on boss class enemies with decent results.


  • According to the Game+ secrets, originally two classes "Paladin" and "Protector" were to be included in the game. Both classes were dropped to keep the party size manageable, though elements of the Protector class made it into Markos and the Knight class.
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