Name Karsk
Act II
Town I
Equipment Sold Bows, Light Armors
Recruitment Rangers
Previous Town Shanty
Next Town Laksos
Previous Battle River Escape
Next Battle The Battle of Karsk
"A survivor's camp of nomadic villagers. Karsk pays a heavy tribute to Ozimal to escape raids."

Karsk is the first town in Act II. It serves as a refuge for the Rangers in the Pit who were able to survive.

It is also the first town to allow recruitment of Rangers. This town also sells Bows and Light Armors to equip your new archers.


After defeating all the Revenants by the river, Azra decides to go to the Monastery to find the old man. Slak thinks it must be the Selini Chapter House on the north side of the Pit, and tells he will show her the way there.

Ketta shares that she does not trust the mysterious old man. However, she has no choice but to follow Azra, since the librarian is the only hope Ketta has of getting out of the Pit. So, Ketta just advises Azra to "watch her back".

Ketta also recommends to recruit more people, referring to the Rangers available in Karsk.


This is the first town with rangers, and so it also sells equipment for them. There are no swords here, only Bows and Light Armors. By the time Azra gets to this city, the only available place to recruit Berserkers and buy Swords is still Shanty.


Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Green bow Green bow +2 75 37
Wood bow Wood bow +4 250 125

Light ArmorsEdit

Name Defense Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Sackcloth Sackcloth +1 50 25
Hide Hide +3 200 100


This is the first town to allow recruitment of Rangers. It is the only kind of mercenary found in this city.

Unless the player is taking the Hero Mode challenge, where no recruitment is allowed, it is highly advisable to recruit at least one Ranger besides Ketta, maybe more.