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Ice mages are the 4th class that are found (When not including the Librarian). In game they are exclusively female.


They are the main magic damage class and the second one introduced after the Healer. Like the Healer they specialize in AOE (Area effect), though focus on offensive freezine spells. They are very useful for slowing down the faster types of Revenant (enemy), especially Worms and their variants. They are mid-ranged units whose range increases as they are boasted within a battle. By the time they have been boasted to maximum, they can attack almost any foe within their range.

The Ice Mages wear Heavy Armour allowing the player to be a little more daring with them then with Rangers and Healers, they can be both supportive of other units and main front line attacker with Knight. This is particularly useful considering the slow attacking nature of Knights.

Ice Mages main weaknesses are their overall lack of attack. Since they attack everything within range at full boast, they do not need to have a great deal of attack. Their spells themselves vary considerable with Ice Ball and Ice Shard being really fast to regenerate compared to Sleet, Ice Splash and Blizzard (Blizzard being one of the slowest 3 techniques in the game). These spells are particularly weak, but can be boasted during leveling up to have added attributes to them. Ice Ball focuses on slowing and even freeing enemies, while Ice Shard focuses on penetrating through several enemies at once.

Their main weakness is fire, a such, they are not recommended to be placed alongside the Dragon units or used with a reliance on Dragon Fire. Compared to basic Melee units Berserker and Knight they are more expensive to boast. They are also somewhat 1 note (freeze/chill foe) which, while makes them simple to use effectively, doesn't always mean they have much in the way of options for tactics, sometimes requiring covering from Rangers for this reason.



Base: Ice Ball
Level 2: Ice Shard
Level 5: Sleet
Level 15: Ice Splash
Level 20: Blizzard


Level 2: Chill
Level 5: Freeze
Level 10: Ice Spear


Formulae for Ice Mage's stats:

Hit Points: (Level + 1) x 20
Attack: (Level + 1) x 2
Range: 2
Speed: 10 + (Level - 1) x 0.25
Defense: 0
Evade: 5%
Regen: (Level + 1) x 0.35

Equipable EquipmentEdit

Weapon(s)- Staves
Armor - Heavy Armor

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