This is a list of all the battles in Defender's Quest.

Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit

  • Traveling to the Hospital
  • Attack at the Hospital
  • Desert Stronghold Entrance

Act IVEdit

  • Night of the Living Knights
  • Armor Shmarmor
  • Deeper into the Stronghold
  • Unwelcome Guests
  • Defend the Nest

Act VEdit

  • Storm the Sheep
  • The Royal Records Room
  • Tunnel Escape
  • Detonate the Mines
  • Zelemir Appears

Act VIEdit

  • Eztli-Tenoch's Forces
  • Realm of the Wizard
  • The Halls of the God-King
  • A Desperate Dash to Freedom
  • Eztli-Tenoch's Right Hand

Act VIIEdit

  • The Way Out (optional)
  • Following Zelemir
  • Zelemir's Army
  • The Face of Madness
  • The God-King Walks Again


Bonus battles are accessible via the Bonus button when you are on the Overworld after completing the game. All of them award Books for Azra to use. (They are, in fact, the only source of such equipment.)

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