Caravan of the Dead
Caravan of the Dead2
Name Caravan of the Dead
Battle 1-2
Enemies Revenant
Previous Battle The Half-Way World
Next Battle The Coliseum

"Azra stumbles across a merchant caravan brimming with goods."

Caravan of the Dead is the second battle of Act I and the second overall. The battle is slightly more complex with five waves and two sources. It is also one of two levels that has no difficultly selection.


Slak finds a caravan in the pit looking for some shoes. Realizing they have the plague, Slak tells Azra they must flee. Azra tell him the men need help and they must stay and help. Telling her they've got the plague, Slak explains says even though both of them are immune they've got bigger problems. The caravan then become Revenant. Thinking they are doomed Slak tells Azra farewell. Realizing she can stop them, Azra returns to the Half-Way bringing Slak with her.

The BattleEdit

The second battle begins like the first. Azra brings Slak to the Half-Way. Slak protects Azra from the first four waves but is unable to attack the fifth. Azra then learns her lightning power and is able to end the battle.

Total XP: 55
Total Scrap: 0

# Wave Name HP Speed Attack Range Armor End Hit PSI Traits
Revenant x 8 Sigil red small
Revenant 8 1 --- --- --- 2 3.0 ---
Revenant x 8 Sigil red small
Revenant 8 1 --- --- --- 2 3.0 ---
Revenant x 5 Sigil red small
Revenant 21 1 --- --- --- 4 3.5 ---
Revenant x 4 Sigil red small
Revenant 35 1 --- --- --- 5 4.0 ---
Revenant x 5 Sigil blue small
Revenant 8 1 --- --- --- 2 2.0 ---

The AftermathEdit

Azra realizes why Slak was terrified, the caravan had completely turned to Revenant. Slak explains that is what happens to people who do not survive the plague and explains that the Ash Kingdom had been keeping the truth unwraps. Slak, however, is extremely surprised to find the Revenant killed, something no one has been able to do. Slak then raids the caravan. Azra thinks all they have found is scrap. A big man named Ozimal finds the pair, and thinking they are bandits, throws them into the coliseum.