• Hoanganh13

    Defender's Quest

    May 30, 2015 by Hoanganh13


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  • Nothlione

    Okay, getting back

    April 17, 2014 by Nothlione

    After 2 years, I'm back. I won't do much this week because of real life issues, but I expect to at least finish the Battle and City pages by the end of May. This wiki is still too incomplete.

    I know people probably already forgot about this game, but I can't see the wiki for a game I love so much in this state.

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  • Nothlione


    May 7, 2012 by Nothlione

    Well, so far so good. Surprisingly, my sketch went to the main page, even though I don't think it's good enough -- but we still have time to change it later, there are far more important issues to address here before that. There are a lot of broken links, pages not created yet, stubs and missing images to take care by now.

    Anyway, I'm not working here so frantically as I did before. Now I'm creating a couple pages everyday and adding some images... a healthy pace that won't disturb real life issues. No need to have everything ready by the end of the week.

    Not much movement yet but I know there are some people reading the Wiki. I hope I can make it a good place to get all-around info about the game and strategies. Need to finish the basics fi…

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  • Nothlione

    Working on Wiki

    April 30, 2012 by Nothlione

    Well, don't know why but I decided to work on the Wiki. Maybe because it's so incomplete as it is. I already did a lot of changes, and I see there are a lot more to come. It would be easier with more people.

    I presented an idea for the Main Page too. I know it's not good enough, but I asked for opinions and no one else answered yet, so I'll keep it that way until I have some feedback.

    I also own the full game and asked Lars to be a beta tester. I'm currently waiting for his reply, but I'm excited about trying the new stuff (mod customization). Getting my hands on 0.9.04 or later would be helpful as well for the game images. I'm not posting many images because I'm waiting to get them raw. Once I have the beta, I'll start posting images for al…

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  • ZTacklerz

    Now I just need to 3 star the last 3 demo levels.. T_T

    Im back!

    Beat everything in the demo 3 star'd best equips.

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